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Apply as a Mechanic

Fill out our Registration Form to apply as one of our Mechanics. We will review your application and contact you with more information. Please note that we take only 25% commission of labour charge on any job you perform through our platform.

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Skill level

Skill level
Select a car make you are skilled at.
Skill level
Select your skill level for the car make you selected.
Add your skills per car make, after adding a skill for a car make, click 'Add Skill Level' button below to add your skill for another car make.



We Service Most Make and Brands


MyMech NG is an innovative platform built to make the life of car owners easier in Nigeria starting from our pilot state Lagos. Our mission is to take lots of stress off car owners and to come in to handle the intricacies and difficulties in managing and servicing their cars.

We have a collection of well trained, certified and verified mechanics on hand to handle your car maintenance and servicing requests, give us a try today and discover peace of mind.